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His laughter only grows in volume when
the grease stained rag hit him in the face,
tasting oil on his tongue as he scraped it
off his face. “You wouldn’ have it any
other way, admit it.”


Anita couldn’t help but laugh at
the new stains now on his face.
She grinned triumphant but she
remained wary of any other rags
that would fly back at her. “You’re
right.” She grinned, leaning back
comfortably in her seat. “I’m already
used to you like this.” She teased.
"And you’re mildly entertaining."

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You have an entire sentence to make my muse angry at you. Go.

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The next events were ninja-swift and in his current blood-deprived state, the speed made his head spin for a few seconds. One thing led to another and that Strigoi was already on the ground, dead and defeated in a smooth encounter. Although Adrian knew best not to linger on it for longer — since the fight would call an obliged street sweep soon which means the Alchemists are coming next.

Adrian was just as frightened and resentful towards the latter.

"Thank you." Still, didn’t stop him from tossing compliments towards his mysterious dhampir savior. Now that he gathered his reserve, he finally caught a full picture of dhampir — and sparked a few old memories of Court controversies. This dhampir was a known guardian — quite famous — for being dead. 

"Wait." He briskly followed her to the next street, which was conveniently the direction of the hidden feeders’ nook that he was looking for. "I know you. C’mon, just gimme a chance to repay you. I almost died back there.”


She heard the thanks but she didn’t stop to appreciate it. She had places to be, places that weren’t here. Anita didn’t like sticking around in one place for long, too many people might recognise her and then where would she be? Right back at the Royal Court, that’s where. The guy followed and asked her to wait - fat chance of that happening - before she heard three words that she had been dreading ever since she left. He knew her.

"I’m sure you have me confused with someone else." He had to have her confused with someone else but the instant she turned to look at him - and boy, she wished that she hadn’t - she groaned when she recognised that face. Fuck.

"You can repay me by not telling anyone you saw me. Alright, Ivashkov?” She had been missing for about five, six years now, but she still remembered that face.

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Nik stared back at her, unmoving, arms crossed in front of his chest.

"I don’t have a problem with you, maybe it’s you who has a problem with me."

It sounded lame, so very lame, even to his own ears, but he wanted her gone, he wanted her out of the - out of his home.


"I don’t need your help, there’s nothing wrong with me.”

Did this even make sense anymore?

"I’ve got no problem with you, just this attitude." She pursed her lips before she released a breath in a huff. Kids. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so frustrated with no appropriate way to vent said frustration. She couldn’t exactly shoot something here.

"Clearly. And you know, why would you even want help from me anyway? I’m ‘just a visitor’."

She pretty well hissed those words right back at him before she swung open the door, let it slam against the wall and didn’t bother to shut it as she made her way to her Jeep.

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You shouldn’t leave the apartment in the night; No, I’ll be fine, I got this;She’s finally asleep, just look after her, I won’t be long. The exchange between him and Marcus was quite heated before he finally managed to leave the apartment at seven in the evening. Two more blocks and he was already past the piazza. The blanket of darkness was fully stretched out and yes it was stupid to walk around guardianless but this was the only time he could catch a break from Sydney (not that he demands a break but he definitely needed to sort out personal vampire things like feeding) and trusted Marcus to keep an eye on the blonde.

His throat remained parched, and he probably looked like shit — but at least there’s only two more blocks to go. It was a relief to thread into the packed narrow streets of Barberini but anxiety rose up as the crowd started to thin. Now he was all alone, walking briskly, his heart racing in his chest — with that feeling of impending doom. Just the perfect time to catch an unfortunately familiar presence, lurking in the darkness. Strigoi.

Excellent.” Thick sarcasm filmed his muttering. He could already hear Marcus screaming ‘I told you so’ as heavy, steel-cold arms grabbed him from behind.   


She had been tracking that strigoi for hours. She kept losing him in the narrow streets with the crowds of people but finally the crowd started to thin. Just in time for her to see the bastard lock onto a target. Shit. She should’ve killed him before this.

Anita didn’t bother to look at the potential meal as she came up behind the strigoi, fingers latched onto his hair and tugged backwards so he couldn’t sink teeth into the lucky guy’s neck. “Well, that’s just rude. You didn’t even buy him a drink.” She smiled and it was cold before she shoved the silver stake into his back, piercing his heart and the former guardian added another tally to her mental list of strigoi kills.

Tugging the stake free, she stepped back to let the body fall to the ground and she didn’t bother looking at the almost meal. She couldn’t risk him being familiar, couldn’t take the chance of him seeing her face.

"Get home." She muttered, turning away and ready to disappear back into the crowd in the next street.

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"You lick your lips, you taste like years of being alone."

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Guardian!Anita: always a second away from kicking someone in the face.