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My kingdom for a VA au. 
Where Anita was a guardian for a family but she failed, they got killed by Strigoi so she fell off the grid. Just hunting Strigoi on her own now, trying to make up for her mistakes. And her scars.
And she’s lost count on how many she’s killed
And somehow ends up coming across a Moroi or Dhampir and it’s like.. “.. you didn’t see anything.” because she doesn’t want to go back, she’s not ready to go back. Plus everyone would’ve thought she was dead. It was years ago when the family was attacked and they all just assumed she was killed or turned.
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"Star-Lord.” Wierdo with the weird name. It didn’t upset it, it just annoyed him. He glared over he shoulder before looking her in the eye. “Sky Prince. Please. Where the hell did that even come from.”

"Ahh." Star Lord. Yeah, that sounded better. "I don’t know, where the hell did ‘Star Lord’ come from? Lemme just say, it’s striking fear in the hearts of no one."



"Okay, if you’re gonna say my name is stupid, at least get it right.”

"You’re the weirdo with the weird name?" Who was she to talk about nicknames? She went by ‘The Executioner’ but at least that struck fear into people’s hearts. What did whatever his name do? Make people laugh? "C’mon then, what is it? Was I close?"

[text] Hurry [text] Get dad [text] Hasn't seen me yet [text] Knows I'm here

[text] I’m hurrying!
[text] I swear, I’m coming as fast as I can.
[text] I’ve called him. He’s not answering.
[text] But I will be there, okay? I promise!



"To be honest, probably not. So how can I not help?"

"I’m looking for some idiot. Calls himself a.. star king. A sun lord. Sky prince. Something stupid. You heard of him?”



★          ”Well it’s more like I wasn’t expecting it to.
                  It still worked out fine—!”        ★

"Next time you’re gonna blow up
something, can you give me some
warning? You almost got my ship.”

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[text] Hiding [text] Woods [text] Close 2 Falls [text] Go for the neck? As a wolf?

[text] I’ll be there as soon as I can.
[text] I’ll call your dad too.
[text] He’ll go for the neck so you might as well do it first. It’ll be self defense. [text] But if you want to hide, that’s a good idea too. Great idea in fact. Just hide. I will be there, alright? I promise.

          Blood makes you related but
                     loyalty makes you family.

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