Moooom,” Mara groaned. “I’m on Papa’s schedule, remember? Not that yours is any better.” The teenager shrugged and put down bags from several different stores. “I was shopping with Byron. The mall is open 24 hours on the weekend, and it’s not like he can go out in the afternoon. Why are you all mama bear tonight anyway?”


"You’re not at your papa’s house, Mara." She licked her lips with a tilt of her head. "I don’t need a reason. I’m your mother." And maybe she had a case that she was working on and okay, she didn’t really want her daughter to be out in the night with some creep out there. "Just.. keep the midnight shopping to a rarity for the time being, alright?"

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Alaric grins. Anyone who even owns a t-shirt with a penguin dressed like Dracula is okay in his book. “My lips are sealed,” he says, miming locking them up, and shoves his hands in his pocket.

"Yeah, I’m here to see Nik. He’s a friend. From school. We go to school together. Um. He’s my boyfriend, actually," and it’s the first time he’s actually said those words out loud and it feels AWESOME.


He would actually scream HE’S MY MATE, but he doesn’t, because he has no idea if this woman knows about werewolves.

"I’m Ric," he says, holding out his hand.

Smart kid. She smiled, actually looking polite now as she looked over the kid. Nik’s friend. No, wait. Nik’s boyfriend. "Ohhh." She made a sound of recognition. “You’re the wolf in the woods.” It wasn’t knowledge that Nik had wanted her to know but no one could really talk about things and not have her hear it, especially if she was crashing in their house.

Anita grinned and took his hand, giving it a firm shake. “Anita. It’s good to meet you, Ric. Uh, Nik should be home soon if you want to wait? I mean, you’d be waiting out here anyway but inside there is Niko’s cookies.” God, that sounded so creepy. She had to shake her head.

"I’m sorry, I’m not good with this whole ‘kid’ thing. How about I just leave the door open, you can wander in if you want and maybe chill in Nik’s room, and I’ll try to find an IV for my coffee? Or hang out here. It’s, you know, all good."

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"Okay, that too. It was
as much a pick up line
as it was a compliment.”

"Well, thanks for the compliment,
and better luck next time with the
pick up line, Stretch.”

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"What time do you call this to come home?" The Executioner stood in the living room, hands upon her hips and looking every bit the mother that she was hoping she wouldn’t turn into. "Because I call it fuckin’ unacceptable."



"It’s called a


"It’s called a pick up line."

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Wow, first time she actually decides to do something to contribute to the household - getting the mail is totally contributing - she comes face to face with a teen wolf a few feet out of the front door. In her shirt with a penguin dressed up like Dracula, no less. “Tell no one.”

The pack did not need to hear about this. They gave her enough shit for not making a move on Niko whenever she popped into town, she didn’t need more fuel to the fire or reasons to punch them in the face. “Nik’s not here. Or are you here to see Niko.. Nikolai? He’s not here either.”



"— Well. That was
uncalled for.”

"Are you forgetting what
you just said to me or..?”


{ — OPEN — }


"That outfit would look much better
on my bedroom floor.”

"And my fist would look even better
when I punch you in the face.”


He had never heard of her. The hunter. She was probably exaggerating and all it did for him was make him roll his eyes and shake his head.

“Well, Ms Boogeyman, you’re not scaring me and I doubt that vampires are going to stop from doing their thing just because you go around telling bedtime stories.”

Why couldn’t she see it? With the pack around, they would be stronger, they could hunt the creature – whatever it was – together. And then he could ask his father about this so-called friend of his, ask him if she was really that great (he doubted it) and how to deal with her.

Until then, though, he’d have to protect her and he didn’t have a single clue how to do that since she wouldn’t listen to him. Short of stepping in her way and physically holding her back there was basically nothing he could do. Not that he wouldn’t -

Suddenly she pulled her gun and his first instinct was to attack her, to defend himself, but she wasn’t aiming at him. And then he smelled it, blood, death. It made the hair at the back of his neck stand up and he took a step back, staring at the creature that appeared before them. He had never seen a vampire before and this one -

Looked surprisingly normal, at least the part he could see in the darkness.

And even though it had just been shot, it seemed determined to attack her. He couldn’t let that happen, Nik jumped forward, tackling the vampire to the ground like his father had taught him, determined to keep it away from her.

Anita snorted. Precious thing. He thought she made up the stories? No, no. They made up the stories. They gave her the name. She was a hunter with one of the biggest execution rates in the country. And she fuckin’ earned that name. She shot at the vampire, feeling a spike of power from the young werewolf and was grateful that he was strong enough to resist the urge to attack her from that. Some wolves got touchy when there were weapons around. And then Nik did something completely unexpected. He protected her. The vampire leapt out of the woods, and Nik tackled him to the ground.

Anita approached the two, waiting until Nik’s hand was relatively out of the way before she took the large knife that was sheathed against her spine - very careful to not cut her hair in the process - and pressed the blade against the vampire’s neck

"William Corbet. Lovely to finally meet you." She grinned and it wasn’t friendly as she looked down to the struggling vampire who was trying to shove the werewolf off him.

"Executioner." He hissed, and Anita sent a look to Nik that was pretty much ‘told you’ before she licked her lips.

"I’ve got a warrant for you, and it’s not for your arrest." The vampire hissed again, fangs flashing and she touched Nik’s head gently as a hint that maybe he’d want to look away before she pulled the knife back, and brought it straight down on the bad bad vampire’s neck.

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