Nik froze when she said his father’s name, then immediately bristled.

“How do you know him?”

Honestly? He would love to chase her off right about now, she behaved like he was supposed to listen to her and he wouldn’t, not even if his father would tell him to.

“He didn’t tell us anything about someone out here in our territory which means he didn’t warn anyone not to attack and you’re not safe here.”

He followed her gaze when there was a sound in the distance. “You should stay with me.”


"I’ve known him for years." And been great friends for most of it. Nikolai slowly became her confidante, and then the only werewolf she could stand the presence of for a while. He never judged and always had a few minutes to talk on the phone if she needed it. He was possibly the greatest man she knew. But this wolf didn’t need to know that.

"I called him just before I got into town. I didn’t think the vampire would cross into your territory but he did. So I called, let your Ulfric know and then I came in." Not that Nikolai wouldn’t let her in, but she had wanted to avoid this. 

She was about to deny his help before she realised he had a point. Damn it, he had a point. At least with him she wasn’t going to get attacked by a werewolf. Only by a vampire, possibly. “You stay out of the way. I don’t want to have to explain to Niko that I got one of his wolves killed.” She turned and started to walk through the trees towards the sound with a shake of her head. “You comin’?”

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He had heard that name before, but he couldn’t remember where. Or when. Only that it made him nervous and take a step back.

"Well then, who gave you permission to be out here? Because this is our place, people aren’t allowed to run around here, it’s too dangerous."

Okay, she did look like she was capable of defending herself, but that didn’t matter. He didn’t want her here, this was their territory and he wasn’t even lying, it was dangerous out here, if she came across members of their pack who didn’t talk first before they attacked, she could be hurt.

Not that he cared.


He straightened somewhat, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"I do, actually, like I said: I live here."

He stepped back. Looks like he knew her name after all. Maybe he’d show her a little more respect.

Then again, maybe not.

"Nikolai Atkins, I’m assuming that to be your Ulfric." She knew Nikolai for a few years and he was one of her closest friends. Damn straight he gave her permission to get a vampire out of his town. "So I think he’s got a little more authority about whether or not I should be out here."

Something cracked in the distance and Anita turned, looking into the darkness with narrowed eyes. Oh, right. Vampire. “Look, as much as I’d love to sit here and chat about this, but I’ve got a job to do so..” She gestured for the wolf to get out of her way, and hoped he’d cooperate. Otherwise she’d have some explaining to do with Nikolai later.

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1. What they smell like: Coffee. And expired patience.

2. How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): With hope that it’ll be more than two hours. Curled around a pillow, her left hand under and touching a knife, her right hand on the pillow and in close reach of the gun attached to her headboard. Her sleep schedule is ‘whenever the fuck I can’ and usually is shattered by a phone call.

3. What music they enjoy: She’s not really fussed with music, though when she can’t get a song from Guilty Pleasures out of her head, she’s more than fussed - she’s pissed.

4. How much time they spend getting ready every morning: Couple of minutes to get hair in a manageable order, a penguin shirt on and a cup of coffee brewing.

5. Their favorite thing to collect: Stuffed penguins - Sigmund is her favourite, the only one she sleeps with.

6. Left or right-handed: Right handed.

7. Religion (if any): She tries to be Episcopalian (especially after the Pope excommunicated necromancers so Roman Catholic clearly wasn’t working for her) but the more she works, the harder it is.

8. Favorite sport: Beating someone’s ass.

9. Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling: She never gets the chance. Too busy looking at bodies and for monsters to really enjoy a town.

10. Favorite kind of weather: She kinda prefers cold if she’s working. The heat makes everything in her job a little more difficult to digest.

11. A weird/obscure fear they have: She can’t drive in a car with someone that is armed. And she hates flying.

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Why, oh why did I offer to do face painting today?
50 kids. And everyone wanted something complicated.


So he had sex.

It wouldn’t be so shocking, as he was in fact well versed with the Killing Dance, but he hadn’t had sex in over a decade. Not to mention he had known Anita for all of a week and a few days which, well it wasn’t how he typically done things, he had to know Sonia for seven months before he had even gone further than holding hands and pecking her on the lips and it had been premeditated, something planned this was…well it hadn’t been planned. Hell he hadn’t even thought of it until the heat wave had come over him and now?

Nikolai spotted her easily enough, the room could have been teeming with women who looked exactly like her and he could have still spotted her in under a second. He was drawn to her, his wolf pawing for contact once again. It had been good, better than good and now all he could think about was holding her slip waist in his hands and — grapefruit.

Nikolai slid into his seat opposite her, grabbing a handful of napkins to help her clean the coffee that seemed to have spilled over the table. “Sorry I’m late. Carmichael dropped in to tell me that he was ‘keeping an eye on me and mine’, I think I’m growing on him.”

Anita mopped up the coffee spilled on the table, slightly mournful at the fact she didn’t have any coffee to drink now as Nikolai sat down. Even if he didn’t, she would’ve known he was there. Her wolf was trying to paw her way out of a flesh cage to just brush up against him once again. 

"You could be a barnacle physically growing on him, and he still wouldn’t like you." She managed a short laugh before she finally looked up at the Ulfric, her hands full of coffee-soaked tissues before she placed them beside the mug as a waitress came up to the table with a cloth to clean up properly.

"Uhh, can I get two more please?" She gestured to the cup before looking at Nikolai again, just for a moment. "And what are you getting?"

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When in doubt, shut the fuck up.

» Anita Blake, from *Skin Trade, an Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novel* (via souloftheclaimed)  
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It wasn’t normal to run into someone who wasn’t a wolf outside in the woods. Nik was surprised - and wary, especially when he picked up a scent that didn’t really make sense. It couldn’t be, she wasn’t a wolf, she’d smell differently then, but, somehow -

I shouldn’t be out here? I’m sorry, but I live here, if there’s anyone who should not be here, it’s you.”


"Who the hell are you?"

Clearly he had no idea who she was. The stubbornness, the defiance, the instant protectiveness she knew to find only in wolves. God, they were a stubborn lot. Anita licked her lips, head canted to the side for a moment as she stared at the pup. He looked familiar, didn’t he?

"Anita. Anita Blake." That ought to make him show some respect. She didn’t look like much but even in these parts, that name carried a lot of weight, so did ‘The Executioner’. "And I have permission to be out here, kid. Do you?"

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