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Name: Anita Blake
Alias: Nina Mercy
Age: 28
Species: Witch 
Location: New Orleans
Occupation: Military Commander/Cage Fighter
Sexuality: Straight

  • Strategic
  • Intelligent
  • Resilient
  • Instinctual
  • Adaptable


  • Merciless
  • Stubborn
  • Lonely
  • Distrustful

Anita was eight when the infection began. It is a memory that would never fade, no matter how many strange things the brunette would see for years after that. She remembers how her mother dragged her to the car when things started to get weird. Neighbours were screaming, the radio and television suddenly were replaced with static. Her mother took her to the car and they had driven away from their house at a faster pace than Anita thought her mother could ever drive. Her father was at work in the city but they didn’t head in that direction. 'It'll be okay, Nina. Just put that seatbelt on. It'll all be okay' and then nothing. Nothing but the sound of crunching metal and shattering glass and an ear-piercing scream that took Anita moments to realise was coming from her own lips. They never saw the RV coming. The sight of a spider-webbed design into the shattered windscreen and blood soaking into the upholstery is an image that haunts the brunette to this day.

Anita was pulled reluctantly out of the car by Jacinta Rowles, a middle-aged practitioner specialising in expression - a very dark form of magic - before the two of them had to flee the scene in fear that the infected would swarm with all the noise they made. And from that moment on, Anita stuck with Jacinta for years as they travelled south and out of Missouri, completely sure that her family was all dead so Jacinta would have to do.

Their bond grew closer however when Anita was twelve and awoke one night to see the image of her mother standing over her bed. It was then that Jacinta confirmed her suspicions over the last few years, that Anita was able to practice, even when she didn’t want to. From that moment on, Anita was trained to use her magic, mostly dark due to Jacinta’s allegiance but Anita found that it did assist her when out hunting for resources. Jacinta also taught her about the supernatural, a topic much easier to discuss now that Anita was no longer just the average human.

When she was seventeen, Jacinta and herself foolishly entered a zone off-limits due to its overly infected populace and only Anita made it out. It had been less than five minutes before they were overwhelmed and Jacinta was bitten before Anita fled. And then finally she was on her own.

Anita found herself in New Orleans when she was about twenty-two, falling into the habits of a hunter. Hard as it is to work solo, she has developed her technique on acquiring others’ resources. She rarely killed however, unless the others were especially unhappy about her means of occupation. When she was twenty-four, she got into the quarantine zone and worked her way - or more correctly - fought her way into the role of commander. With her added magic, she was a force to be reckoned with. Fine tuning her abilities, she found she had a knack for using spirits as a weapon. It had been said she could channel the dead and use that force to create a sink hole, taking a building and its infected inhabitants along with it. 

When Anita is not making deals with people of notes, ensuring the security of the zone and raiding for supplies, she can be found in an underground fighting ring. It started as a way for people to let off a bit of steam until Anita found her way in there. Now it’s about trying to defeat her. Three years, and still undefeated.

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